Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

I watched ‘Breaking Bad’ television series all at once, years after the last episode was released. Now I am waiting for ‘El Camino’ movie ?. And besides, I am in the middle of watching ‘Better Call Saul’.

For this painting the main goal for me was to choose the most interesting objects and combine them in one composition. The true fans will, of course notice the inconsistencies in locations. But don’t judge me: this was the only way I could put everything in one place. The painting covers all 5 seasons of the series.

All the depicted objects can be divided into three categories: scenes, locations and characters. The characters mostly appear within the certain scenes, but not necessary.

All the objects are signed on the painting, but for those of you who find it hard to read from the image, here is the list of everything that is depicted:

  • City of Albuquerque
  • Airplanes about to crash
  • Saul Goodman’s office
  • Train robbery
  • Car wash
  • Tuco’s office explosion
  • Teddy bear
  • Money in the pool
  • Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Knife fight: Walter, Skyler & Walter Jr.
  • Pizza on the roof
  • Walter’s house and car
  • Salamanca brothers heading to Walter’s house
  • Walter and Hank in a car crash
  • Combo shot
  • Main lab
  • RV, cooking lab
  • Gus Fring at his restaurant ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’
  • Walter hiding behind the rocks in the desert
  • Money in barrels
  • First cook in the desert: Krazy-8, Walter, Jesse & Emilio
  • Tortuga’s head

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