Criminals Meet the Creatures


This drawing is a reflection of the hard period of 90’s in Russia. People of our country know what it was all about. Degradation, outbreak of criminality, gangsters driving expensive cars around the streets.

In my drawings I like to combine reality and fantasy. I was thinking, what if the dream of the mankind came true and aliens would finally arrive to the Earth, but accidentally they arrived to Russia in the 90’s and witnessed the gangsters meeting. I would not be surprised, if the gangsters would not get embarrassed by the situation and would continue the meeting as if nothing had happened. I also did a draft version of this drawing, where the meeting started to go out of hand, but I decided to leave the situation as a peaceful one.

The design of the spaceship was influenced by the work of the musical band Tool. It was not long ago that they released their album ‘Fear Inoculum’ and I decided to get to know their music closer. One of their earlier songs, ‘Rosetta Stoned’, is dedicated to alien abduction. The overdecorated spaceship was inspired by the artwork of the Tool albums as well.

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