How To Scan Watercolor


This is my first work made specially for children’s room. This was a gift for our friends’ son. For the reference I used photos of American fire engine E-one.

Scanning drawing on a watercolor paper

When scanning a painting with a usual scanner (I used an ordinary Epson A4 scanner) you get too visible watercolor paper texture. It doesn’t look good on the screen.

This problem can be solved the following way. You scan the drawing once, that rotate it 180 degrees (upside down) and scan it again. Thus the device scans the paper from different angles. As a result you get two files. Open them in Photoshop, position them so that the images would match as precisely as possible (you can use the menu command Edit → Auto Align Layers), then set the opacity of the upper layer to 50%. The final image has much less visible texture.

Firefighters Animation

If the character or an object is drawn on the white background, you can cut it out to get rid of the watercolor texture completely.

In Photoshop you can also adjust the levels so that the shadows would look deeper. But it is more recommended to use a higher quality scanner.

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